The ammjohnPE team has great experience in the Infrastructure industry through the delivery of big and small infrastructure projects. ammjohnPE‘s involvement in Westconnex, the Osborne Naval Shipyard and Adelaide Desalination Plant demonstrate our commitment to expanding Australia’s Infrastructure industry. ammjohnPE offers project management services, plant and equipment expertise, quality assurance and construction surveillance services to the Infrastructure industry.

Renewable Energy

Ammjohn over the years has invested heavily in the development of renewable technologies, energy storage and the integration of this technology into Industry. Ammjohn was the engineering team for the development and installation of an energy storage system which utilised the latent heat properties of silicon to store the energy and reclaim it through a modified gas turbine to produce electricity and heat on demand. Ammjohn delivered a world first proof-of-concept test unit, both storage and reclaim, and upscaled this to a 8MWh unit installed at the test facility.

Our team at ammjohn have an inherent passion for sustainable and renewable projects which is evident in all of our projects be this in the form of ensuring solar and rainwater collection and use systems are included on all new and modified buildings to energy load management to maximise solar use or reducing CO2 emissions through the use of more sustainable alternatives.  Overall we are working with our clients as the world transitions to a more sustainable future to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Ammjohn understand that a sustainable and renewable future is no longer an ideal it is a necessity for all new projects be it a greenfield site or upgrading existing facilities. We understand that this change is a transition and evolution with Ammjohn always looking for innovative solutions, demonstrating high standards, leveraging their existing experience, and an openness to continuous innovation and an entrepreneurial attitude to solving problems.


ammjohnPE has established itself within the Industrial sector, with experience in Cement, Oil & Gas and Bulk Materials Handling.


ammjohnPE has a long history with the Cement industry, having been involved in cement production both within Australia and Internationally. Our experience includes raw materials processing facilities such as the Raw Mill at Adelaide Brighton Cement, silos at Melbourne Cement Facilities and post processing facilities such as the RCP factories for Holcim.


ammjohnPE has established itself in the Oil & Gas industry, both in facilities engineering and asset integrity. This experience has seen ammjohnPE completing projects involving new well connections, facility upgrades, design of new facilities, collating asset information, maintenance records, performing risk-based assessments of inspections, and preparing work packs for asset maintenance.


Our combined experience in mineral, mining and cement has delivered a wealth of experience in the handling of bulk materials. This experience has seen ammjohnPE deliver a number of bulk facilities throughout Australia and the world, with ship loading facilities in Singapore, cement receiving in New Zealand, and marine terminals all over Australia. With this wealth of knowledge, ammjohnPE is able to deliver cost-effective solutions tailored to both the client and industry’s needs.

Mining and Mineral Processing

Having been at the front line of establishing a number of mine sites, managing the exit of others, and all while assisting the ongoing operations, ammjohnPE has the ability to project manage all facets of a mining and mineral resource facility. ammjohnPE has established strategic partnerships with some of Australia’s industry leaders in the mineral processing markets, and is able to leverage this expertise to produce efficient and cost effective solutions.

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