Ore Processing Services (OPS)

Ore Processing Services (OPS)

Through innovation and diverse thinking, ammjohn has been selected as the key sponsor for the company Ore Processing Services (OPS). This partnership has seen OPS expand within the mining sector to put them in a strong position.

ammjohn has worked with OPS personnel to refine their original plant designs and layouts to improve the overall project viability. The work which ammjohn has undertaken is now coming to fruition for OPS.

The Brief

Through recent changes to the global economy, the ability for mining companies to raise the required capital to process ore has become often prohibitive. Seeing this as an opportunity, OPS now offer a fundemental change in the processing strategy. With ammjohn’s assistance, it is turning this idea into a reality.

How We helped

Through innovative thinking, ammjohn has been able to provide a deliverable solution to the market place giving an alternative approach to flexible mineral processing. ammjohn has been pivotal in the design, modelling and delivery of this strategy.


Through ammjohn’s experience, OPS is now able to offer a flexible mineral processing delivery strategy. This growth is as a direct result of the work by ammjohn and its experienced staff.

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