Port Kembla Grinding Facility

Port Kembla Grinding Facility

The Port Kembla Grinding Facility is an unincorporated joint venture between Cement Australia and Ecocem adjacent the Bluescope Mills south of Wollongong.

Utilising the latest grinding technology, the plant is able to grind both Clinker and Steel Slag cement to produce up to 1.1 Million tonnes of Cement for Australia’s Cement needs.

It’s location next to an operating jetty allows for the automated receival of raw products from local and international sources, while the energy efficiency of the plant combined with the reuse of waste products makes the Port Kembla Mill one of the most Environmentally friendly cement plants in the world.

The Brief

Initially, Cement Australia simply wanted assistance with a layout drawing!

From there, ammjohn’s performance resulted in more requests, eventually following the entire project through from the pre-feasibility study through to the delivery of the final occupancy certificate of the site and management of everything in-between!

The scope of the Port Kembla Grinding Facility project was to build a grinding plant in New South Wales utilising local and imported materials. This plant was to be capable of grinding steel cement, taking waste product from the adjacent steel plant, significantly reducing the environmental impact of production.

How We helped

A true cradle-to-grave project, ammjohn provided:

Pre-feasibility study
Feasibility study
CAPEX preparation
Project execution plan
Sourcing technical and contractual experience, including introducing the concept of modularisation to the cement industry
Design management and approval
Development approval management and preparation of the EIS
Site construction and procurement management
Contracts administration, cost control and scheduling


An overall success, the Cement Australia project finished with zero lost time injuries, a site that was seen as a benchmark for environmental performance and globally recognized as a construction success.

The Port Kembla Grinding Facility is the new jewel in Cement Australia’s crown, having achieved beyond expectations while delivering world’s best safety and environmental performance.

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