Golden Bay Cement

Golden Bay Cement

Golden Bay Cement is the only manufacturer of cement New Zealand as well as being the largest supplier. The manufacturing plant is situated in Portland and this site services the whole of New Zealand with a dedicated self-unloading ship. Portland site has been a long standing supplier in New Zealand requiring update to the distribution system to service the ongoing demands. With an order of a new larger ship, GBC needed to update the dispatch facility including larger storage, truck loading and increase throughput to load the ship.

The Brief

The existing aging pumping system uses lean phase technology which is typically limited by conveying distance. The project aim was to provide increased storage, truck loading and ship loading facilities with increased throughput to the ship.

The project is as a result of increased sales in the cement industry which has necessitated the need to increase the ship size and storage capacity.

At completion the site consisted of the following:
Bolted steel silo, flat bottom discharge
Lean phase pumping system, dual lines, with conveying distance of over 1.3km
Truck loading system complete with weighbridge

How We helped

Ammjohn provided the following:
Pre-feasibility estimates
Feasibility estimate
Engineering and drawing and design, including coordination of all contractors drawings and modelling
Site Construction Engineering Supervision and Commissioning


The silo, truck loading and ship loading system was successfully commissioned and handed over. Ship loading rates were of primary driver, the conveying distance using lean phase is always challenging, however, increased throughputs were obtained and successfully reducing ship loading times.

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