Key Services

Project Management

ammjohn prides itself on its project management skills and pedigree, delivering Tier 1 level projects for costs far below that normally expected. With very experienced project teams that are familiar with all facets of project delivery such as:

Safety and Risk Management
Environmental Controls and Strategies
Cost Control and Contract Administration
Industrial Relations
Modularisation Design, Construct and Installation
Construction Management
Project Scheduling
Government Approvals, Easement Applications and Services Infrastructure

ammjohn makes a study of ensuring all of its employees possess experience in all of these areas, enabling them to understand the inherent risks and opportunities of every decision in the field.

Project Surveillance

An extension of ammjohn’s Project Management skills is our ability to conduct project surveillance and confirm a project’s “Health status”. By reviewing:

Project Schedule
Earned Value
Procurement Strategy
Actuals to Date
Budget Position

We are able to determine the state of the project and confirm the reported position, or to provide a risks and opportunities review that will comprehensively inform the stakeholders so that appropriate action can be taken.

Feasibility Studies

ammjohn has, and will provide all of the necessary studies required to bring a project to fruition. Having delivered a number of projects from initial concept sketches through to landscaping and close-out, ammjohn understands the commercial constraints and barriers to delivering a project, and has 3 distinct phases of study to establish the commercial viability of a project:

Stage 1: Desktop Feasibility Study

A Stage 1 Desktop Feasibility Study is an in-house, workshopped study that utilises the ammjohn team strengths to deliver high level engineering and estimates to provide sound conceptual solutions.

Stage 2: Pre-Feasibility Study

A Stage 2 study is often the first step in the ammjohn process, with many clients opting to perform the Stage 1 in-house. A Stage 2 Study provides a far more detailed technical output that is used to determine capital investment opportunities. Where a Stage 1 study will provide a very ‘broad brush’ understanding of a project’s viability, a Stage 2 study provides a greater certainty as to the project outcomes and opportunities.

Stage 3: Feasibility Study (or Bankable Feasibility Study)

The final study in a project evolution prior to approval, is the Stage 3 or Feasibility study. Often referred to as a bankable feasibility study, the deliverables of this study are sufficiently refined and detailed as to award the scope for implementation.

Commercial Negotiations

ammjohn has either directly negotiated, or assisted, some of the largest contracts in Australian construction. With in-house and external partners, ammjohn boasts a commercial team that understands each contracting methodology, market expectations and is able to effectively mitigate and resolve disputes before they occur. ammjohn stands by its experience in delivering projects without major dispute!

Project Recovery

“Projects are easy, people are hard.” ammjohn understands project management and the clash of ideologies, concepts and styles that can bring an otherwise excellent project to its knees. This understanding and a ‘project first’ philosophy has enabled ammjohn to put a number of projects in turnaround, ultimately delivering the project and the cost outcome expectations.

Additional Services

In addition, ammjohn is pleased to offer its clients customised solutions or expertise in:

Risk Management (including use of numerical methods for costing)
Project Commissioning
Drone Surveillance and Point Cloud
Virtual Reality Modelling
R&D Management
Site Management
Construction Management
Site Safety Management
Project Controls including Planning and Scheduling
Project Recovery Services
Specialist Advice in Cement Handling, Storage and Dispatch
Project Estimating Services

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