Virtual Reality Modelling

VR Capability

ammjohn can provide virtual reality modelling for your project.

Our 3D animation team use the Unreal software to produce visually stunning 3D walkthroughs and 3D flythroughs. A 3D flythrough is a profiessional way to showcase the client’s project and allows stakeholders to feel like they are walking through the construction.

Our flythroughs can provide clear understanding for non-technical staff (such as Councils, internal stakeholders, regulatory approval bodies):

  • Internal fit-out of equipment
  • Lighting and shadowing
  • Day/Night Visualisation
  • Fencing and signage
  • Landscaping, trees and grass (including sediment ponds)

Additionally, ammjohn‘s Virtual Reality capabilities enable in-depth and detailed HAZOP review, giving a tactile and tangible understanding of the final product.  By utilising our VR headsets, clients are able to more readily understand the maintenance requirements of equipment, with clients able to simulate valve operations, walkway widths, and a wide variety of user requests.

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